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Officers of the

Order of Alba


President General

Douglass Mather "Tim" Mabee


First Vice President General

Suzanna Elizabeth Etheridge Rawlins


Second Vice President General

Patricia "Ann" Scott Williams Garner


Secretary General

Lila Burner Housden


Treasurer General

Constance Suzanne Brooks Paradiso


Registrar/Genealogist General

David Lawrence Grinnell


 Chaplain General

Janet Butler Walker


 Historian General

Jane Routt Power



Christopher Willard Moberg



Carter Branham Snow Furr, Esq.



Deborah Ann Whitmore Hicks, Esq.


Honorary President General

Charles B. "Chuck" Poland


Honorary President General

Carla Whitehurst Odom


Bruce Durie, Ph. D.




Bylaws. Sharon Kaufelt Stine

Journal of Alba, Editor, Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom

      Order of Alba Directory, Editor, Douglass Mather “Tim” Mabee

  King Kenneth MacAlpin Research Grant, Charles Bryan Poland 


  Annual Gathering Arrangements, Carla Lucille Whitehurst Odom

 Webmaster, Constance Suzanne Brooks Paradiso 



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