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Membership in the Order of Alba

Ladies and gentlemen over 18 resident anywhere in the world are eligible for membership if they can prove beyond doubt their descent from a Monarch of Scotland. The first eligible Monarch is Kenneth I MacAlpin, and the last is James VI of Scotland, who was the last Monarch to hold only the title of King of Scotland for a significant period of time, before he later became James I of England. For this Order, later Monarchs who held multiple crowns, or were Monarchs of Great Britain or the United Kingdom do not qualify.


New members must be proposed in writing by two current members or approved by the Admission Committee of the Order to whom they are known personally. Letters of proposal and endorsement are sent to the Registrar General, who, with the approval of the Admission Committee, will invite the prospect to become a member.


Note, however, that members of the National Guild of St. Margaret with proven heritage will not need to be proposed by two current members of the Order of Alba.


Lineage Claims

Nominees for membership are required to present properly prepared and endorsed Lineage Claims showing descendancy in full details with citations. A simplified application form is available for Heritage Members of The National Guild of St. Margaret of Scotland, who have already proven their descent from St. Margaret, and therefore, from Malcolm III Canmore. Lineage Papers will be furnished by the Registrar General after receipt of the fees.

For all other prospective new members:

If you're not sure what to do:

The Life Membership Fee:

The Order expects all new members to pay the Life Membership Fee of three hundred dollars ($300.00).

A check for this amount, made payable to the Order must be sent to the Registrar General, along with non-refundable application and genealogist fees of one hundred dollars ($100.00), with the application. The Life Membership fee will be refunded if the application is denied.

Supplemental Applications:

Members of The Order may submit supplemental applications for additional ancestors. There is a non-refundable fee of $100.00 per application. 


Unique insignia of the Order of Alba is orderable exclusively through The Order for members only. Members are supplied with an order form which they may return to the Order with a check for payment and a stamped, addressed envelope, as explained on the order form. Shipment of the insignia will be directly from the manufacturing jeweler, beginning in January, 2015. Order forms are available and orders can be accepted now. Members are encouraged to place their orders as soon as possible, so the jeweler's first production will be of an appropriate size, and order delays will not be experienced. If you don't have an authorized order form:

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