Monarch Ancestors


Order of Alba Members




Kenneth MacAlpin or Cináed mac Ailpín in Gaelic

(810 – 13 February 858), ruled 841 or 843 – 858 or 859

Constantíne I or Causantín mac Cináeda in Gaelic

(died 877), ruled from his father, Kenneth's death until his own death.

Donald II or Domnall mac Causantín in Gaelic

(died 900), ruled 889–900

Malcolm I or Máel Coluim mac Domnaill in Gaelic

(c. 900–954), ruled 943–954

Kenneth II or Cináed

mac Maíl Coluim in Gaelic

(before 954-995),

ruled 971–995 

Malcolm II or Máel Coluim mac Cináed in Gaelic

(died 25 November 1034), ruled 1005-1034

Duncan I or Donnchad mac Crinain in Gaelic

(c. 1001 – 14 August 1040), ruled 1034–1040

Malcolm III Canmore or Máel Coluim mac Dhonnchaidh in Gaelic (26 March 1031-13 November 1093), ruled 1058-1093

Donald III or Domnall mac Dhonnchada in Gaelic (died 1099), ruled 1093–1097

David I The Saint or Daibhidh mac [Mhaoil] Chaluim in Gaelic (1084-24 May 1153), ruled 1124-1153

William I the Lion or Uilliam mac Eanric in Gaelic (c. 1143 – 4 December 1214), ruled 1165-1214

Seal of William the Lion

Alexander II or Alaxandair mac Uilliam in Gaelic (24 August 1198 – 6 July 1249), ruled 1214-1249

Additional Monarch Ancestors will be added as they are recorded by members of the Order of Alba in membership or supplemental applications.