Monarch Ancestors of Order of Alba Members


Additional Monarch Ancestors will be added as they are recorded by members of the Order of Alba in membership or supplemental applications.



Kenneth MacAlpin or Cináed mac Ailpín in Gaelic (810 – 13 February 858), ruled 841 or 843 – 858 or 859

Constantíne I or Causantín mac Cináeda in Gaelic (died 877), ruled from his father, Kenneth's, death until his own death.

Donald II or Domnall mac Causantín in Gaelic (died 900), ruled 889–900

Malcolm I or Máel Coluim mac Domnaill in Gaelic (c. 900–954), ruled 943–954

Kenneth II or Cináed mac Maíl Coluim in Gaelic ruled (before 954-995), ruled 971–995 

Malcolm II or Máel Coluim mac Cináed in Gaelic (died 25 November 1034), ruled 1005-1034

Duncan I or Donnchad mac Crinain in Gaelic (c. 1001 – 14 August 1040), ruled 1034–1040

Malcolm III Canmore or Máel Coluim mac Dhonnchaidh in Gaelic (26 March 1031-13 November 1093), ruled 1058-1093

Donald III or Domnall mac Dhonnchada in Gaelic (died 1099), ruled 1093–1097

David I The Saint or Daibhidh mac [Mhaoil] Chaluim in Gaelic (1084-24 May 1153), ruled 1124-1153

William I the Lion or Uilliam mac Eanric in Gaelic (c. 1143 – 4 December 1214), ruled 1165-1214

Seal of William the Lion

Alexander II or Alaxandair mac Uilliam in Gaelic (24 August 1198 – 6 July 1249), ruled 1214-1249

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